Opera­tional opti­mi­sation: The im­ple­mented opera­tional opti­mi­sa­tion pro­tects the environ­ment, re­duces costs and en­sures the attractive­ness of the pro­perty

Opera­tional ana­lyses allow to identify measures that will guarantee eco­nomic and eco­logical operations.

Due to their staggered deve­lop­ment hi­story, many pro­perties boast grown mana­ge­ment struc­tures that are com­posed of techni­cal building infra­structures of the most diverse ge­ne­rations. This is con­trast­ed by opti­mised and efficient Facility Mana­ge­ment, with modern tools and the latest ge­ne­ration of techno­lo­gies.

Against the back­ground of our many years of ex­perience in Engineering and Facility Mana­ge­ment, we analyse your building in terms of re­source, energy and cost effi­ciency. We deve­lop con­crete opti­mi­sation measures which are tailored to your si­tuation. In the pro­cess, we keep an eye on the en­tire life­cycle of the pro­perty.

To en­able you to moni­tor and control the im­ple­mented measures in a tar­get­ed manner within your com­pany, we deve­lop the appro­priate sy­stem for your com­pany, which we pro­vide you with as a tailored tool.