RMB Engineering AG References

Hotel Motel One, Zürich

Innert kurzer Zeit wurde das ehemalige Bürogebäude in ein Hotel mit 400 Zimmern umgenutzt. Das komplexe Projekt forderte anspruchsvolle technische und räumliche Koordination.

Bahnhofstrasse 75-79 Commercial Building, Zurich

Over 3 years, this former department store was extensively refurbished and converted. Its earthquake and fire safety and energy efficiency now meet the relevant standards.

Baur au Lac Hotel, Zurich

The hotel’s complete energy supply was renewed along with 25 suites, 4 function rooms and the garden pavillion. It now meets the highest aesthetic and technical standards.

Brandschenkestrasse 24/30, Zurich

After some 40 years of use, the building services, the interior finish and the facade of this commercial building were fully renewed.

Vieri Residential Development, Schwerzenbach

The hallmark of this state-of-the-art four-generation project with 188 residential units is its sustainable energy supply with geothermal probes and its “Minergie” design.

Jelmoli Premium Department Store, Zurich

The oldest part of this building opened in 1898. Refurbishing the complex amounts to travelling through architectural history.

Letzipark Shopping Centre, Zurich

The renovation of the mall and the building envelope and the plan for the site’s energy supply are in progress. Since 2012, the site is being refurbished in several stages.

Fraumünster energy supply, Zürich

Replacement of all installations for the extension of the lake water pipeline, the energy control centre and the old town’s district heating and cooling network.

Rotweg School Building, Wädenswil

This new building was designed to meet the “Minergie P” standard. The classrooms are equipped with a controlled “hygiene” ventilation system.

Triemli City Hospital, Zurich

The tower is currently being extensively refurbished and a new women’s clinic is under construction. The site’s energy supply was renewed, completed 2017.

Novartis Pharma AG Laboratory, Basel

The oncology branch requiring state-of-the-art experimental and analysis labs and offices led to this 1970 building being converted into a research and training venue.

Psychiatric University Clinic, Zurich

Reducing the ratio of fossil energy sources to under 5%, using rain water in the laundry facilities and the consequent use of waste heat were part of the project.

Schützen Hotel, Rheinfelden

The earliest records of this historic building date back to the 15th century. Between 2019 and 2021, more than 200 rooms were completely refurbished.

Zollhaus Commercial and Residential Building, Zurich

This lively centre with residential, cultural and commercial spaces was realised in compliance with the “Minergie-P-Eco” standard on a 5000 sqm-estate in Zurich’s District 5.

Dreikönigstrasse 7 Commercial Building, Zurich

The building’s recent revitalisation allows for open-plan offices as well as small, cellular offices with highly structured and flexible layouts.

Birkenhof Residential Development, Zurich

This listed ensemble with its largely protected interiors is being carefully refurbished, providing another 30 years of use.

Lysbüchel Estate, Basel

Aided by a flexible and sustainable energy and building strategy, Coop’s former distribution centre was converted into a versatile residential, working and culture estate.

Bahnhofstrasse 7, Luzern

Highlights of the refurbishment during ongoing operations (office, restaurant, bakery, X-ray institute) include connection to the sea energy and hygienic air exchange.

Black Tap Restaurant, Zurich

Converting this fashion boutique into Zurich’s latest restaurant sensation required its being stripped down to its shell.

Bleicherweg 30 Commercial Building, Zurich

The building’s double envelope allows for the air-conditioning’s intelligent energy management and for a perfect indoor climate. It draws district cooling and heat from the lake water network.

ETH HPY Greenhouse, Zurich

With clean rooms for research and a natural and artificial lighting system, this greenhouse met high requirements.

Escher-Wyss Estate, Zurich

Within 12 months, the distribution system was replaced without halting production and optimisation strategies were developed, e.g., for waste heat recovery in compressed-air conditioning.

Dufourstrasse 49 Commercial Building, Zurich

The office spaces were equipped with “hygiene” ventilation and hybrid cooling ceilings. Lake water is used to supply heat and cooling energy.

Seebach Community Centre, Zurich

After 50 years, the centre will be renovated from 2022 to 2024. It is listed in the communal inventory of buildings worthy of protection.

GYSO AG HQ, Kloten

This 4200 sqm high-rack storage facility is 9m high. It has six 54,000 m³/h roof fans installed to extract smoke in case of fire.

Hamelirain Hotel and Residential Complex, Kloten

This hotel on the former Burgener industrial estate has 72 rooms, a 100-unit residential complex and an indoor car park with 150 places built to the “Minergie” energy standard.

Hürlimann Estate, Zurich

Strategy for the site’s energy supply, optimisation of existing district pipelines, pipeline construction with plastic jacket pipes, drinking water catchment, distribution pipelines.

Hard Turm Park, Swiss Stock Exchange, Zurich

Thanks to the excellent collaboration between the owners, we managed to meet the diverse and complex security and air-conditioning requirements.

Henz Estate, Suhr

In this new quarter, comfortable state-of-the-art apartments are being built. The estate is set to obtain SIA 2040 (sustainability, energy efficiency) certification.

Zur Schanze High-Rise, Talstrasse 65, Zurich

After the addition of five stories to this now 18-storey building, an accounting model was developed that allows for the allocation of operational and overhead costs.

Waldhaus Hotel, Birsfelden

The restaurant and the function rooms were refurbished. The hotel rooms on the 1st and 2nd floors were renovated (incl. bathrooms).

Hirslanden Clinic, Zurich

During the renovation and extension process, the clinic continues to operate at normal capacity.

Neumarkt Shopping Centre, Brugg

40 years after its construction, the Neumarkt is being redesigned to improve its customer and user friendliness and to meet current environmental standards.

Niederhofrain Replacement Building, Zollikon

A monovalent heat pump system with ten geothermal probes that are also used for cooling in the summer and controlled residential ventilation create a pleasant indoor climate.

Swiss Obstgarten HQ, Kloten

After 35 years, this 1,200-workplace building was completely renovated and one storey added. The climate plan is flexible and complemented with a superordinate control station.

Habsburg Castle

Strict historic preservation requirements apply in this renovation project. We assessed and analysed the state of the castle’s existing HVAC+ system.

Turm Estate, Winterthur

Replacement of building automation system without halting operations, including integrating existing LON controllers into the overall system and BACnet implementation according to KBOB guidelines.

Wiesenthal School, Baar

“Domino”, the replacement building in timber, meets the “Minergie A” standard and will be built until 2027 without the school closing.