RMB Group References

References as a part of your evaluation documents

Successful reference projects are the only way for a prospective client to judge the expertise of a company. If you are interested in a specific type of project that is not included in our list, please let us know. We will be happy to show you a number of similar projects. We can also sketch some initial solution approaches for your task.

Bahnhofstrasse 75-79 Commercial Building, Zurich

Over 3 years, this former department store was extensively refurbished and converted. Its earthquake and fire safety and energy efficiency now meet the relevant standards.

Baur au Lac Hotel, Zurich

The hotel’s complete energy supply was renewed along with 25 suites, 4 function rooms and the garden pavillion. It now meets the highest aesthetic and technical standards.

Brandschenkestrasse 24/30, Zurich

After some 40 years of use, the building services, the interior finish and the facade of this commercial building were fully renewed.

Vieri Residential Development, Schwerzenbach

The hallmark of this state-of-the-art four-generation project with 188 residential units is its sustainable energy supply with geothermal probes and its “Minergie” design.

Jelmoli Premium Department Store, Zurich

The oldest part of this building opened in 1898. Refurbishing the complex amounts to travelling through architectural history.

Letzipark Shopping Centre, Zurich

The renovation of the mall and the building envelope and the plan for the site’s energy supply are in progress. Since 2012, the site is being refurbished in several stages.

Fraumünster energy supply, Zürich

Replacement of all installations for the extension of the lake water pipeline, the energy control centre and the old town’s district heating and cooling network.

Rotweg School Building, Wädenswil

This new building was designed to meet the “Minergie P” standard. The classrooms are equipped with a controlled “hygiene” ventilation system.

Triemli City Hospital, Zurich

The tower is currently being extensively refurbished. A new women’s clinic is also under construction. The site’s energy supply was renewed, completed 2017, including the installation of three cooling units.

Novartis Pharma AG Laboratory, Basel

The oncology branch requiring state-of-the-art experimental and analysis labs and offices led to this 1970 building being converted into a research and training venue.

Psychiatric University Clinic, Zurich

Reducing the ratio of fossil energy sources to under 5%, using rain water in the laundry facilities and the consequent use of waste heat were part of the project.

Schützen Hotel, Rheinfelden

The earliest records of this historic building date back to the 15th century. Between 2019 and 2021, more than 200 rooms were completely refurbished.

Zollhaus Commercial and Residential Building, Zurich

This lively centre with residential, cultural and commercial spaces was realised in compliance with the “Minergie-P-Eco” standard on a 5000 sqm-estate in Zurich’s District 5.

Dreikönigstrasse 7 Commercial Building, Zurich

The building’s recent revitalisation allows for open-plan offices as well as small, cellular offices with highly structured and flexible layouts.

Hirslanden Clinic, Aarau

Projects for the new West tract, radiation therapy facilities and nuclear medicine labs.

Biozentrum, Basel

Assessment of construction defects in the new building and lab analyses.

Swiss Life Arena, Zurich-Altstetten

The ZSC has a new home. A two-part ammonia (NH3) cooling system has been installed for cooling and district cooling.

Birkenhof Residential Development, Zurich

This listed ensemble with its largely protected interiors is being carefully refurbished, providing another 30 years of use.

Alnatura Hertensteinstrasse, Lucerne

The fresh organic produce is chilled with the natural R744 (CO2) refrigerant. Waste heat is being used to produce domestic hot water and for legionella control.

Insel Hospital, Bern

New cardiovascular unit, including labs.

Lysbüchel Estate, Basel

Aided by a flexible and sustainable energy and building strategy, Coop’s former distribution centre was converted into a versatile residential, working and culture estate.

Bahnhofstrasse 7, Luzern

Highlights of the refurbishment during ongoing operations (office, restaurant, bakery, X-ray institute) include connection to the sea energy and hygienic air exchange.

Black Tap Restaurant, Zurich

Converting this fashion boutique into Zurich’s latest restaurant sensation required its being stripped down to its shell.

Bleicherweg 30 Commercial Building, Zurich

The building’s double envelope allows for the air-conditioning’s intelligent energy management and for a perfect indoor climate. It draws district cooling and heat from the lake water network.

ETH HPY Greenhouse, Zurich

With clean rooms for research and a natural and artificial lighting system, this greenhouse met high requirements.

Escher-Wyss Estate, Zurich

Within 12 months, the distribution system was replaced without halting production and optimisation strategies were developed, e.g., for waste heat recovery in compressed-air conditioning.

Dufourstrasse 49 Commercial Building, Zurich

The office spaces were equipped with “hygiene” ventilation and hybrid cooling ceilings. Lake water is used to supply heat and cooling energy.

Seebach Community Centre, Zurich

After 50 years, the centre will be renovated from 2022 to 2024. It is listed in the communal inventory of buildings worthy of protection.

GYSO AG HQ, Kloten

This 4200 sqm high-rack storage facility is 9m high. It has six 54,000 m³/h roof fans installed to extract smoke in case of fire.

Hamelirain Hotel and Residential Complex, Kloten

This hotel on the former Burgener industrial estate has 72 rooms, a 100-unit residential complex and an indoor car park with 150 places built to the “Minergie” energy standard.

Hürlimann Estate, Zurich

Strategy for the site’s energy supply, optimisation of existing district pipelines, pipeline construction with plastic jacket pipes, drinking water catchment, distribution pipelines.

Hard Turm Park, Swiss Stock Exchange, Zurich

Thanks to the excellent collaboration between the owners, we managed to meet the diverse and complex security and air-conditioning requirements.

Henz Estate, Suhr

In this new quarter, comfortable state-of-the-art apartments are being built. The estate is set to obtain SIA 2040 (sustainability, energy efficiency) certification.

Zur Schanze High-Rise, Talstrasse 65, Zurich

After the addition of five stories to this now 18-storey building, an accounting model was developed that allows for the allocation of operational and overhead costs.

Waldhaus Hotel, Birsfelden

The restaurant and the function rooms were refurbished. The hotel rooms on the 1st and 2nd floors were renovated (incl. bathrooms).

Hirslanden Clinic, Zurich

During the renovation and extension process, the clinic continues to operate at normal capacity.

Motel One Hotel, Zurich

This former office building was converted into a hotel with 400 rooms in record time. It was a complex project that required high levels of technical and spatial coordination.

Neumarkt Shopping Centre, Brugg

40 years after its construction, the Neumarkt is being redesigned to improve its customer and user friendliness and to meet current environmental standards.

Niederhofrain Replacement Building, Zollikon

A monovalent heat pump system with ten geothermal probes that are also used for cooling in the summer and controlled residential ventilation create a pleasant indoor climate.

Swiss Obstgarten HQ, Kloten

After 35 years, this 1,200-workplace building was completely renovated and one storey added. The climate plan is flexible and complemented with a superordinate control station.

Habsburg Castle

Strict historic preservation requirements apply in this renovation project. We assessed and analysed the state of the castle’s existing HVAC+ system.

Turm Estate, Winterthur

Replacement of building automation system without halting operations, including integrating existing LON controllers into the overall system and BACnet implementation according to KBOB guidelines.

Wiesenthal School, Baar

“Domino”, the replacement building in timber, meets the “Minergie A” standard and will be built until 2027 without the school closing.

Green Datacenter, Schlieren

Gesamtverantwortung für den Ausbau: Fernkälteanschluss und Umluftkühler, Elektroinstallationen 2n-USV-System und statischer Transferschalter. Umfassende Sicherheitssysteme mit Trockensprinkleranlage, Brandfrüherkennung und Intrusionsüberwachung.

Bild: Stadt Sursee

Stadthalle Sursee

Als Vorbereitung für den zukünftigen Fernwärmanschluss wurde eine Mehrpelletkesselanlage verbaut.
Zusätzlich wird das neue Sekundarschulhaus von der Stadthalle Sursee mit Wärme versorgt.

Spital Wolhusen

Bauherrenvertretung und Qualitätssicherung für die Gebäudetechnik HLKKSE/GA vom ersten Konzept bis in den Betrieb

Neubau Kinderspital und Frauenklinik LUKS

Mit unserem PQM-Mandat HLKSE/GA stellen wir die Realisierung des komplexen Neubauprojekt sicher. Die Umsetzung der technischen Anforderungen und Nutzerbedürfnisse des Perinatalzentrums werden durch die Qualitätssicherung gewährleistet.

Zollinger Stiftung, Forch Küsnacht

Das Zentrum Forch wurde 1980 auf Anliegen des Ehepaares Zollinger erbaut. Das Alters- und Pflegezentrum wird durch eine Seniorenresidenz mit modernen Wohnungen ergänzt.

Zentrum Wallisellen, Wallisellen

In dem modernen Bahnhofsbau mit Minergiestandard sind attraktive Verkaufs- und Geschäftsflächen sowie Wohnungen auf total 30'000m2 im Stadtzentrum untergebracht.

Shopping Arena und Fussballstadion AFG Arena, St. Gallen

Mit über 50 Geschäften, Gastronomiebetrieben und dem Fussballstadion AFG Arena ist dies auf über 50'000 m2 das grösste Einkaufszentrum der Ostschweiz. Das Stadion fasst rund 20'000 Sitzplätzen und bietet über 1'300 Parkplätze.

Psychiatrische Universitätsklinik (PUK), Zürich

Die Psychiatrische Universitätsklinik Zürich PUK betreibt im 1864 erbauten «Burghölzli» ihren ältesten Standort. Er besteht aus 25 Gebäuden bzw. Trakten für Behandlung, Forschung und Lehre.

Prime Tower, Zürich

Der Prime Tower beherbergt auf 36 Stockwerken mit insgesamt 40'000 m2 Fläche Raum für ca. 2'000 Arbeitsplätze und mehrere Gastrobetriebe. Zum Areal gehören 3 angrenzende, zum Teil denkmalgeschützte Gebäude.

Manor, Schweiz

Manor AG ist die grösste Warenhauskette der Schweiz und hat ihren Sitz in Basel. Über alle Standorte hinweg bewirtschaftet Manor eine Fläche von ca. 560‘000m2 in allen Sprachregionen der Schweiz.

Industriereal Kemptthal, The Valley

In der früheren Maggi Fabrik befindet sich im südlichen Arealbereich die Givaudan und im nördlichen Bereich die Mettler2Invest. In «The Valley» sind Forschung, Gewerbe, Gastronomie und Unterhaltung untergebracht.

Habis Royal, Zürich

Das Gebäude an der Bahnhofstrasse 14 bietet Ladenflächen, Büroflächen und Lagerräume auf einer Gesamtfläche von 4'400m.

Gewerbehaus GABS, Wallisellen

Zentral gelegen im Wirtschaftsraum Zürich bietet das Gewerbehaus über 18'000m2 Bürofläche und 5'500m2 Lagerfläche. 2014 wurden die Büros im komplett erneuert und modernisiert.

Einkaufszentrum Spitzacker, Urdorf

Die Überbauung bietet über 4’000m2 Verkaufsfläche, 35 Wohnungen auf 3’000m2 und 1’600m2 Nutzfläche. Die angrenzenden Wohngebäude werden über eine gemeinsame Fernleitung mit Wärme versorgt.

Einkaufszentrum Affoltern, Zürich-Affoltern

Das Einkaufszentrum in Zürich-Affoltern beherbergt auf knapp 10'000 m2 diverse Ladengeschäfte, eine Bank und ein Restaurant mit allen zugehörigen Nebenräumen. In den zwei aufgesetzten Türmen sind insgesamt 40 Wohnungen untergebracht.

Betriebs- und Logistikzentrum, Otelfingen

Modernes Logistikzentrum mit insgesamt über 50'000 m2 Lagerflächen und 8'500 m2 Bürofläche

ZHAW Winterthur

The Zurich University of Applied Sciences ranks among the leading universities of applied sciences in the country. Our experts hold positions as lecturers and external advisers alike.

Zimmer Biotech AG District Heat Network, Winterthur

Contracted by Stadtwerke Winterthur, RMB extended the cooling supply of the firm Zimmer Biotech AG. In addition, a cooling system with turbo compressors and the HFO R1234ze refrigerant was installed.

Ice Rink, Sion

Replacement of the 1980 ammonia plant. The existing energy concept with groundwater as source and sink was complemented with an additional intermediate circuit. Energy optimisation of the waste heat concept was also part of the project.

Migros and Denner, Volketswil

In both branches, the central commercial cooling system for the chilled and refrigerated sections uses the R744 (CO2) refrigerant. Waste heat is used to produce pumped hot water.

Aquifer District Heat Network, Winterthur

New building of the underground energy control centre connected with ground water and heating networks. The construction is set to take place in multiple stages over 25 years.

Dolder Ice Rink, Zurich

Applying specific safety measures, the cooling distribution was designed as a direct evaporation system (9,000 kg ammonia).

BBL Administrative Centre, Ittigen

The waste heat produced by the commercial cooling system was fully integrated into the recooling system. Furthermore, all the waste heat is reused for pump or domestic hot water.

Regional Care Centre, Baden

A booster unit with the cutting-edge R-744 (CO2) refrigerant was designed for the commercial cooling system that supplied the chilled and refrigerated sections. The waste heat of the commercial cooling systems is used for domestic hot water.

UBS ELIT Restaurant, Zurich

Cooling was realised with the R-744 (CO2) refrigerant, and the existing distribution network remains in use with some of the relevant components such as pumps and condensers replaced. The waste heat of the commercial cooling system is used for domestic hot water.

Rice Up!, Zurich Main Station

Realisation of a compact system for restricted spatial conditions that is nonetheless state-of-the-art in terms of technology and safety. The system was integrated into the recooling network of the main station.

Limmatplatz Migros, Zurich

Connection of cooling units with high evaporation temperatures to a central commercial cooling system that has been designed for the highest energy efficiency in this area of use.

Illuster Migros, Uster

Connection of cooling units with high evaporation temperatures to a central commercial cooling system that has been designed for the highest energy efficiency in this area of use.

Mall of Switzerland Migros, Ebikon

The cooling system was designed as a transcritical CO2 booster with parallel condenser and inverted heat exchanger for the heat pump function. The cooling units are dewatered via a vacuum system.

Migros, Sirnach

The commercial cooling system for the chilled and refrigerated sections uses the R744 (CO2) refrigerant. The waste heat is used for the warm water pump heating system.

St. Fiden Migros, St. Gallen

Cooling units with high evaporation temperatures were connected to the central commercial cooling system. To increase efficiency, the “plus” cooling level of the R-744 (CO2) plant was equipped with a parallel condenser.

Dübendorf Hochbord, QM Mandate

Heat production and domestic water treatment with multiple heat pumps. Geothermal probe fields are the energy source.

Frequency Converter Waste Heat Utilisation, SBB Opfikon

There are two large SBB frequency converters in Opfikon that each produce 2.5 MW in waste heat. From the heat extraction, a district network is connected to the nearby residential blocks that are being heated with the waste heat produced by the frequency converters.

Indoor Pool and Ice Rink, Zurich-Oerlikon

The district heat consumption of the indoor pool in Oerlikon was reduced by integrating a new heat pump into the existing hydraulic network. The waste heat generated in the production of the ice for the ice rink is used as an energy source.

Lake Water, Bregenz

Development of an overall energy concept: lake water for the site’s air conditioning and as an energy source for the heat pumps that heat the site.

Superblock, Winterthur

Overall planning for various cooling and free cooling solutions as well as development of a safety plan. The project includes ammonia cooling units and hybrid recoolers that can be used for free-cooling purposes on colder days.

Denner Distribution Centres, Lyss and Dietlikon

The existing ventilation distribution network was replaced with large recirculation coolers. The result: a reduction in primary energy consumption of more than 70 per cent. The renovation took place while the facility was in full operation.

Lonza Arena, Visp

New ice rink hall with transcritical CO2 system for ice rink cooling, air conditioning, dehumidifying, and heating with a heat pump system. Lonza AG’s Rhone river-water system and the local deep water act as both an energy source and re-cooling system.

Ice Rink, Wallisellen

Renovation of Winter World Wallisellen with feasibility study for roof and hall, and replacement of the existing technical facilities as well as new construction of both ice fields.

Tägi Ice Rink, Wettingen

A two-stage ammonia plant is cooling the two ice fields (one of which is covered) and acts as a hub for the heating energy supply at three different temperature levels across the centre. Energy compensation occurs through the centre’s own groundwater system.

Ice Rink, Sissach

Total renovation of the technical facilities after fifty years, along with climate conditioning of the ice rink.

Vaudoise Arena, Lausanne

The project included the construction of three ice rinks, an aquatic centre, a fencing centre, a swimming pool, and a table tennis centre.

Ice Rink, Aarau

The cooling system was completely replaced, the indoor ice rink and the curling field were newly fitted, and the outdoor rink was replaced with a new, covered ice rink.

Heuried Sport Centre, Zurich

Installation with two transcritical CO2 systems. In a single-stage transcritical process, energy from the ice fields is transmitted to the heating systems in the form of waste heat.

ZHAW, Winterthur

Die Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften gehört zu den führenden Schweizer Hochschulen. Nebst Dozentenmandaten wird sie von unseren Experten fachlich unterstützt.

Psychiatric University Clinik Hard, Embrach

Thanks to the new high performance wood chip boiler, the share of fossil energies used by the heating system was markedly reduced. The old hot water tank is used as a control volume.

Weidmatt, Lausen

Minergie Eco Standard and hybrid construction: the new residential development on the former Cheddite industrial estate features a blend of timber and massive construction.

Toni Estate, Zurich

Since 2015, our experts have been involved in the planning of extensions, in ensuring the estate’s continued operation and in its energy and occupant-specific optimisation.

Telli Shopping Centre, Aarau

During the centre’s revitalisation, its supply must continue without disruption. The building remains in operation throughout the construction phase.

Talstrasse 11/15, Zurich

Low ceilings, small HVAC facilities and the required supply of clean air and cooling to the different floors were just some of the challenges associated with this project.

Municipal Parks and Gardens Department, Zurich

To create an ideal climate and to enable the cultivation of rare species, the vegetation heating was not only renovated but also moved into the soil.

Staudenbühl School Swimming Facilities, Zurich

Restricted space and the fact that the building is listed made the installation of a new swimming pool control system a challenging task requiring a great deal of coordination.

Sonnhaldenstrasse, Zurich

During the renovation of this Art Nouveau house, four spilt recirculating air cooling units—all connected to a shared district cooling system—were installed to cool the wine cellar.

Sonnhalde Residential Estate, Adlikon

The ground-breaking 1970 «Göhner» building made with prefab concrete elements contains 600 residential units. Over a thirty-month period, a new wood chip/peak load heating system and fifteen substations were put into operation.

Kantonsschule im Lee, Winterthur

The main building from 1928 is listed as a building of historic interest. Heat is generated with a heat pump system with geothermal probes that can also be used for cooling.

Migros Witikon Supermarket, Zurich

Assuming the role of general planner, RMB renovated the building’s HVAC components including electric and building automation. The supermarket remained open throughout. To keep sales losses at a minimum, some of the works were carried out overnight.

Mandarin Oriental Savoy, Zurich

Sustainable energy sources and security of supply are at the heart of this iconic 5-star hotel’s new heating and cooling distribution system.

Metzgerhalle Schaffhauserstrasse, Zurich

The Metzgerhalle project was shortlisted for the City of Zurich’s award for excellent buildings in the years 2016-2020. This commercial and residential building was completely renovated from 2016 to 2019. Waste heat is used to preheat the domestic hot water.

Limmatplatz 4-6, Zurich

Formerly the location of Zurich’s first covered market hall, this property was newly developed, and its building services completely renewed.

Lengg Clinic, Zurich

This challenging project encompasses the construction of the new main entrance and the addition of a storey with 28 patient rooms, intensive monitoring and surveillance stations, as well as various examination and office spaces.

GMZ HGV and Car Repair Workshop, Zurich

The control centre’s waste heat is used to heat the building. The vehicle pit has been equipped with its own ventilation system. The wastewater is being processed in a biotreatment plant.

Givaudan Estate, Kemptthal

The industrial monument that is the former Maggi estate uses steam district heating. Some of the production facilities depend on steam as an energy source to make their products.

Emmen Center, Emmen

For more than 45 years, the Emmen Centre has been the prime address for shopping experiences in Central Switzerland. Many new shops have opened in the centre over the years.

Buckhauserstrasse, Zürich

The new building has the characteristics of a stacked residential terrace. This dense urban form of housing was designed to facilitate encounters and exchange among residents.

Sunnhalde Retirement Home, Untersiggenthal

Retrofitting measures included the integration of the HVACS installations according to the current fire safety, heat and noise protection standards. Continuing operation was ensured through temporary facilities.

Lucerne Cantonal Hospital

The 6 ammonia cooling units produce 6 mW. Implementation of cooling and safety plan and design of free cooling, heating and air-con systems.

Rosengarten Brewery, Einsiedeln

Cooling with two transcritical CO2 reciprocating compressors, coolant network for beer production and storage.

Alnatura, Zurich Oerlikon

Compact solution that simultaneously chills the food on display and acts as the shop’s air-conditioning (heating/cooling).

Globus, Zurich

The commercial cooling system for the chilled and refrigerated sections uses the R744 (CO2) refrigerant, waste heat is used to produce domestic hot water.

Migros Neuwiesen, Winterthur

The commercial cooling system for the chilled and refrigerated sections uses the R744 refrigerant. Waste heat is used to produce domestic and pumped hot water.