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We are specialists for cooling technology in the fields of plant engineering, commercial cooling, and heat pumps/air-conditioning. We intentionally focus on natural cooling agents.

The cooling system is a key component of an energy plan and therefore of the performance and efficiency of the overall system. We know the relevant rules, regulations and ordinances and we deal with a range of cooling agents, their applications and limitations. 

We design cooling systems according to our clients’ wishes. Some clients are chiefly concerned with the investment costs, others are more focused on safety, the system’s environmental impact or on life cycle costs.

Make sure to get in touch with us about your projects in the areas of industrial cooling, ice rinks, ambient cooling, heat pumps and commercial cooling.

High-Profile Projects

Swiss Life Arena, Zurich

The ZSC is getting a new home. A two-part ammonia (NH3) cooling system is being installed for cooling and district cooling.

Alnatura Hertensteinstrasse, Lucerne

The fresh organic produce is chilled with the natural R744 (CO2) refrigerant. Waste heat is being used to produce domestic hot water and for legionella control.

Swiss Obstgarten HQ, Kloten

After 35 years, this 1,200-workplace building was completely renovated and one storey added. The climate plan is flexible and complemented with a superordinate control station.

Turm Estate, Winterthur

Replacement of building automation system without halting operations, including integrating existing LON controllers into the overall system and BACnet implementation according to KBOB guidelines.

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