Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling, sanitary, fire safety and electric

Energy and environmental awareness, striking an ecological balance and – if the client so wishes – the integration of renewables.

Saving energy is not the only goal. The challenge is to draw maximum efficiency from the available resources, from the intelligence of the systems installed and from the synergy of the various cycles involved.

We plan with foresight for the needs of the buildings’ users, encompassing complete life cycles and taking future technological advances into account.

Many environments have their own subject-specific standards. Our engineering firm develops unique solutions for all segments within the industry, engineering, commercial, hospital, laboratory and pharma sectors.

Heat and Cooling

Particularly in the industry, engineering, research and commercial sectors, interior spaces are often required to operate within a specific set of temperature parameters. Based on these requirements and taking into account efficiency and sustainability, we implement complementary heat and cooling technologies.

In this environment, the role of engineering is to derive processes that match specific requirements and standards from factors such as local availability, ambient conditions, and existing potential.

Renewables, digital interconnectedness and intelligent building technology are today at a level that far exceeds what is generally perceived to be the case.

In consultation with our engineers, you will learn what is possible for your property.

Ventilation and Air-Conditioning

Today, it is impossible to build clean rooms, measuring booths, production halls, hotel and restaurant venues, or labs and storage spaces for sensitive goods without incorporating the necessary air conditioning technologies. Typically, they are interlinked with the building’s energy circulation.

Appropriate indoor climate conditions are also conducive to the occupants’ health and performance levels, be it at home, in a hotel, in the office or any other building.

Drawing from their extensive experience, our engineers are qualified to propose an exhaustive range of alternative measures tailored to your requirements.

Sanitary Installations and Fire Safety

The planning of sanitary installations equally requires attention to detail and an eye for the bigger picture. Our engineering firm designs complex cold and hot water installations, natural gas installations, drainage systems and thermal solar systems. In an industrial environment, we develop solutions for washing and rinsing processes. Rainwater recycling and greywater systems both benefit the environment and save money. By synchronising the various systems, we enable efficient waste heat recovery and utilisation.

We develop and implement solutions for structural, technical and organisational fire protection. These include the definition and layout of escape and rescue routes as well as the strategic positioning of extinguishing devices and passive fire protection components.

Over many years, our specialists have accumulated a wealth of specialised knowledge of the industry, engineering, commerce and housing sectors, as well as in the fields of laboratories, pharma and healthcare.

Get in touch with us and discover the potential of your property.


Electrical planning encompasses high-voltage, low-voltage, lighting and ICT systems and the associated installations. Following a needs assessment, we develop and implement a state-of-the art solution in compliance with current regulations.

In addition to drafting complete emergency power supply plans, we also offer support in obtaining certification for common regulations and labels.