Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate philosophy.

That is why, in each building project, we consider sustainability to be a standard element of the development process, to the benefit of our customers who can always rely on our long-term experience in both construction and management. If you own or manage a property, we can advise and support you on the path to reaching your CO2 reduction target. 

In its 2050 energy strategy, the Federal Council has defined its targets. In essence, the goal is to go climate neutral. This is a high bar to clear. The target is based on the 2015 Paris Agreement, which intends to limit human-made global warming to well below two degrees Celsius, compared to pre-industrial levels. However, experts agree that it takes much more than that to protect the climate effectively a stance that is unanimously supported by the Fridays for Future movement. It is a movement that must be taken seriously, not least because they are among the future users of today's building stock. 

The sustainability of buildings is an issue of increasing importance. Sustainable and CO2-neutral living is a fast-growing trend in urban areas. We expect this trend to continue, with tenants and users increasingly favouring CO2-neutral properties. Exploding energy prices further accelerate this trend.

Of course, buildings cannot be retrofitted and improved overnight. That is why a decarbonisation strategy is required in this arena, too. 

The path towards CO2 neutrality is interdisciplinary and multi-faceted: not only must building technology be considered, but also sustainable energy production and consumption which in turn depend on the properties’ varied uses as well as the long-term economically viable operation of the entire property. Optimising the interplay of all relevant factors is key and has a major impact on the long-term success of a project. 


The RMB Group offers interdisciplinary advice and support to property owners and managers on the path towards decarbonisation. The actors involved are familiar with the interplay of marketing, operation, maintenance, technology, energy management, sustainable energy production, energy supply contracts and sustainable profitability of large real estate portfolios. Combining these factors in a meaningful way is the key to success. Of course, this knowledge can be scaled down and applied to individual properties as well.

We are proud to contribute to attaining climate neutrality. We care deeply about the future of our children and the climate, and we will do everything in our power to make sure that today’s youth will be able to live and work in sustainable and attractive buildings in the future. Of course, the smart use of renewables also saves costs, which is certainly a welcome side-effect.