Ice Rink Cooling

Modern ice rink technology uses energy resources efficiently, has high safety standards and ensures low life-cycle costs. Technology and performance is designed to suit the client’s needs.

Our specialists provide bespoke solutions. The specifications are defined by the client’s and the user’s needs, by the local environment and by the relevant rules and regulations.

Engineering and What we Expect From it

We base our services on a comprehensive, careful analysis of all relevant factors. In every project, various important topics must be aligned, including costs, function, sustainability, personal and operational safety and the law.

We aim to design ice rink cooling systems that create the perfect framework for many years of sport and leisure activities.

The Efficiency of Energy Flows

Sustainability is one key aspect of energy; the other being its costs. Modern ice rinks are no longer mere energy guzzlers: they are designed for the highly efficient use of resources. In terms of energy, the cooling system is pivotal in the overall design of the ice rink. The system cools the ice, emitting the harvested energy for the benefit of the user at the optimal temperature level. 

In addition to decades-long experience, planning such a system requires profound specialist knowledge in ice rink cooling and in adjacent fields.

Dolder ice rink, Zurich