Commercial FM Planning

In complex properties and mixed-use buildings, it can be challenging to correctly allocate the overheads and utility costs based on the occupants’ specific consumption and usage.

Over the years, we have developed well-structured solution models.

In mixed-use properties, shops, offices and residential units with technical installations of varying size and quality exist side by side. Transparent and comprehensible statements are more likely to be accepted by the tenants and help them to fulfil their contractual obligations.

A fair allocation key takes into account the various units’ respective technical installations and the metering used. The overheads and utility costs are allocated to the individual contractual partners based on consumption and usage. We are in a position to adapt to changing conditions as and when they occur. 

On the IT level, RMB Facility Management AG has developed its own software for consumption-based overhead and utility cost allocation. It can be used to define fair and precise allocation keys, to generate statements with and without “optings” and expressed per thousand or per share, and permits the transfer of results and interface connections to third-party software.