FM in the Planning and Construction Phase

The conception and planning stages carry the greatest potential for the parametrisation of operating costs and real estate utilisation.

It determines the flexibility of a building across its full life cycle at a stage where all scenarios can still be considered. Facility management accompanying planning and construction lays the groundwork for the building’s future operations. It prepares the building’s operators for its future tasks early on in the process. This approach has particularly paid off in the long term for buildings in a complex environment.

We support you with our expert knowledge throughout the construction phase, both where organisational management and information/data management are concerned. We support you in determining the service level for the technical building equipment and during the tendering process, and we facilitate a structured and transparent allocation of overheads and utility costs.

We offer our services along the SIA’s stages 1 to 5:

  • Stage  1: Strategic planning
  • Stage 2: Preliminary studies
  • Stage 3: Project planning
  • Stage 4: Tendering
  • Stage 5: Construction