Commercial FM: Smart solu­tions for com­plex buildings with sophi­sti­cated techni­cal equip­ment

In complex and mixed-use pro­perties, the correct accounting and allo­cation of over­heads and utility costs based on con­sumption is a challenging task. Over the years, we have deve­loped well-structured solu­tion models based on practical ex­perience.

In mixed-use pro­perties we find a juxta­position of shop pre­mises, offices and resi­dential units in various techni­cal con­ditions. Only com­prehen­sible trans­parency leads to state­ments which are accepted by the tenants and allow the land­lord to fulfil his con­tractual con­ditions. Differentiated allo­cation keys take into account the re­spective degree of techno­logi­sation and the me­tering struc­ture of the various units. The over­heads and utility costs are allo­cated to the in­di­vi­dual con­tractual partners based on con­sumption and usage. Changing frame­work con­ditions are con­tinuously ad­justed.

On the IT level, RMB Facility Mana­ge­ment AG has de­ve­loped its own soft­ware for the cause-based allo­cation of over­heads and utility costs. It en­ables an adequate and differentiated de­fini­tion of allocation keys, gene­rates com­plete state­ments with and without „optings“, de­livers state­ments per thou­sand and per share, and permits result trans­fers and inter­face connec­tions to third-party soft­ware.