Interested learners are offered a wide range of pro­fessional deve­lop­ment opportunities

An apprentice­ship in building ser­vices planning for heating, sani­tation and venti­lation is an out­standing vocational training with many career advance­ment opportuni­ties. Whether this is done by per­forming well at the company or by under­going external training is up to you. But you can start by imagining what it would be like to be a techni­cian, master crafts­man or engineer.

Professional Development

Course offerings can be found at Suisse­tec edu­ca­tional centres, local vocational schools and technical colleges or regional training centres.

Additional apprenticeship

The possibility exists to undergo a short­ened additional apprentice­ship of two years in another disci­pline such as plumbing, venti­lation or air conditioning.

College of pro­fessional edu­cation and training

The following options exist:

  • Technical college for heating, plumbing or venti­lation
  • Advanced Federal PET diploma in heating and plumbing
  • Bachelor of Science in Building Services Engineering or Energy