• Operation-oriented property planning

    Sustainable preservation of building value begins in the planning and con­struction phase of a pro­perty. With our know-how we assist you in the inte­gration of Facility Management.

  • Preservation of the building value

    We work out individual solutions, which allow cost-efficient and fore­sighted main­tenance as well as modernisation of the technical building equip­ment and accompany you in the imple­mentation planning.

  • Solutions for complex buildings

    Thanks to our technical expertise, we can realise a trans­parent allocation of over­heads and utility costs based on con­sumption even with your com­plex buildings.

  • Added value as a guiding principle

    We develop concrete opti­misation measures for you in order to make optimum use of the re­maining service life of indivi­dual plants and entire properties.

  • Intelligence with an economic approach

    We support you in formu­lating your needs and planning the BIM inte­gration for the imple­mentation of integral life cycle manage­ment of your property.