Sustain­ability: We take future building techno­logy develop­ments into account in our planning

Sustain­ability is an exact outcome based on the following factors: de­signated pur­pose, technology, deve­lop­ment and environ­mental con­ditions.

Energy Strategy 2050 and the digital trans­forma­tion are leading the way. Sustain­ability is not solely based on the new forms. Each techno­logy has its own strengths. The challenge is to find a com­bination which makes eco­nomic sense in both the short and long term and which, ulti­mately, is also eco­logi­cally sustain­able.

This must be seen in the context of the entire life cycle of the building and with a realistic eye on future techno­logi­cal de­ve­lop­ments. As such, it could make sense to integrate e-mobility require­ments. The pur­poses for which a building is to be used, the loca­tion, existing infra­structure and the pre­vailing climate must all be taken into account.

Our know-how is based on well-founded expert know­ledge, con­ventional and modern solu­tions, as well as practical rele­vance. We will show you all the possi­ble scenarios.