Construction manage­ment: For infra­structure projects, we act in the capacity of general con­tractor or general planner. On request, we will handle the entire con­struction manage­ment, including scheduling and cost control.

Planning is only as good as the extent to which it can be imple­mented. To ensure high standards, we use effective control instru­ments.


In infrastructure renewal processes, building services usually represent the biggest cost factor. Both in planning and imple­mentation, techno­logy is the dominant factor. Early time schedule pre­paration and streamlined con­struction manage­ment considerably reduce ex­penditure.

Construction management

Building services plans are normally imple­mented in buildings that are in use. This makes it necessary to take special account of the needs of the users. A con­struction manager must have inter­disciplinary know-how, in­ventive­ness, assertiveness, flexibility of thinking and a strong presence. Our specialists draw on ex­tensive ex­perience gained from hundreds of pro­jects.

Cost and quality management

Viewed objectively, cost optimi­sation in no way negatively affects . Good cost manage­ment means verifying that the services supplied correspond to the service de­scriptions defined in the con­tracts. Strict acceptance pro­cedures ensure that the quality standards are observed. Meticulous post controls reveal any dupli­cate charges. With its ex­tensive ex­perience in con­struction, our company will rigorously assert your interests.