• Future-oriented concepts

    Digital trans­formation is also relevant in building services en­gineering. In this field, our focus is on the future.

  • A strong interdisciplinary team

    High-tech companies rely on sophisti­cated building services. Our inter­disciplinary teams develop exciting solution approaches.

  • Planning with common sense

    Thanks to our practical know-how, re­newable energies, modern energy concepts and economic efficiency are no longer a contra­diction.

  • Strong, competent advice

    Building services are becoming more intelli­gent and digital. As a modern en­gineering company, we provide the architect with tried and tested know-how.

  • Think technically, plan humanely

    When planning hotels, our key concern is to re­cognise human needs and imple­ment the appro­priate technical solutions in our pro­jects.