Top training company of Suissetec

The Building Services Engineering Industry Association named us as a top training company.

At the end of May 2020, the Building Services Engineering Industry Association named us as a top training company. With this certification, the Association shows that we are on the right track with training!

We are very pleased to receive this honour! For years we have been continuously investing in the future of young professionals – with success it seems! We naturally stay on the ball and make sure that future building services engineers are also very happy to start their apprenticeship with us, further their development and enter the professional world with success.

Many thanks

Being rated a top training company is only possible if there is a great team behind it. We would therefore like to thank our Apprentice Manager Iris Büchel-Bretscher and the entire team of trainers. Their commitment has contributed to the fact that we have been able to successfully train our apprentices to become young professionals for years. We would also like to thank our apprentices, who, with hard work and praiseworthy dedication, have done their bit in our being named a top training company.

The quality criteria of a top training company

Six of the seven quality criteria must be met in order to receive the “Top Training Company” quality label:

  1. Success rate of apprenticeship certificates: Success rate of 80-90% for award of apprenticeship certificates within the qualification procedures of the last five years.
  2. Concept for in-company training: Top training companies create an individual written training programme with different training blocks for the apprentices covering their entire apprenticeship.
  3. Attendance at inter-company courses and vocational school: The vocational trainers or instructors attend the inter-company courses of their apprentices.
  4. Assessment by apprentices: Top training companies are assessed each semester by their apprentices for the company training/support they provide.
  5. Adherence to deadlines: Target agreements/qualification discussions with the apprentices take place on schedule.
  6. Aptitude test and trial apprenticeship: Top training companies carry out suissetec suitability tests.
  7. Continuous training of vocational trainers and instructors: Top training companies keep a written record of the ongoing training of vocational trainers recognised by the Vocational Training Office. These trainers have completed at least one continuing vocational training course in the last two years.