Stra­tegic FM planning: Con­tinuous techni­cal ad­just­ments are an essential part of the long-term main­tenance of building ser­vices en­gineering

The ob­jective of strate­gic Facility Mana­ge­ment is the long ser­vice life of the pro­perty and opti­mum flexi­bi­lity of ope­ration.

The challenge facing com­panies to­day lies in the stress field of „structure versus mobility“. Possible changes in di­rection must be de­tected early, the techni­cal building equip­ment must be de­signed for future require­ments and uses and techno­lo­gi­cally rene­wed. As an ex­tended arm of the mana­ge­ment, Strategic Facility Mana­ge­ment pre­pares possible so­lution scenarios for new ob­jectives and accompanies the planning.

In the area of strate­gic FM planning, we support the mana­ge­ment with broad-based com­petence in main­tenance and re­furbish­ment works planning.