Facility Mana­ge­ment: Building efficiency, flexi­bility of ope­ration, value pre­servation and the smooth transition from the con­struction phase to the ope­ration phase

Facility Mana­ge­ment includes planning and operational phases. If both are in balanced agree­ment, we achieve high­ly eco­no­mical and sustain­able operations over the en­tire life cycle of the building.

Buildings and spaces are de­signed for de­fined tasks and functions, con­trolled by techno­logies, infra­structure and pro­grammed intelligence. Facility Mana­ge­ment is based on a life­cycle-wide approach and takes into account the highest possible flexi­bility of operation. Future-oriented planning inte­grates digiti­sation and the ex­perience of operations.

Right from the planning phase, para­meterised service level de­fini­tions and mana­ge­ment pro­cesses optimise not only the transition from the planning phase to the opera­tion phase. Experience has shown that this pro­ce­dure also re­duces the costs for the entire main­tenance of the pro­perty. The service level de­fini­tions are more speci­fically tailored to needs and can be more easily adapted to new or different require­ments. The con­sumption of re­sources is also signi­ficantly re­duced. All in all, we speak of imple­mented value pre­servation along a time axis that ex­tends as far as possible into the future.

In both Engineering and Facility Mana­ge­ment, we have spent the last de­cades dealing inten­sively with de­manding pro­jects through­out Switzer­land. As a larger com­pany, we are also in close con­tact with the deve­lopers of new techno­logies. Reliable internal Know-how trans­fer takes place by means of regular training courses.

From this, we derive a high-quality range of ser­vices, which we di­vide into our five main offering areas:

  • FM accompanying planning and construction
  • Strategic FM Planning
  • Commercial FM
  • Operational optimisation
  • BIM 4 FM