FM accom­panying planning and con­struction: The early inte­gration of Facility Mana­ge­ment in the planning phase pro­motes com­prehensive pre­servation of building value over as long a life­cycle as possible

We can look back on de­cades of practi­cal ex­perience. This accumu­lated know-how forms the basis of our con­sulting ser­vices.

Facility Mana­ge­ment accompanying planning and con­struction pro­motes the quality of use of con­structions al­ready in the deve­lop­ment phase by means of an integral view. This lays the found­ations for the future opera­tion of the pro­perty and pre­pares the re­spective opera­tor or­gani­sations for their tasks right from this early planning phase. The long-term bene­fits of this approach have been con­firmed, parti­cularly in the case of pro­perties with a com­plex environ­ment.

During the entire con­struction phase we are at your side with our ex­pert know­ledge. This applies both to the or­gani­sation of operations as well as to in­for­mation and data mana­ge­ment. We support you in de­termining the ser­vice levels for the technical building equip­ment, the tendering pro­ce­dure and lead you to a structured and trans­parent allo­cation of over­heads and utility cost.

We offer our ser­vices along the SIA phases 1 to 5:

  • Strategic planning
  • Preliminary studies
  • Project planning
  • Tendering
  • Realisation