Performance-based facility mana­gement: High building effi­ciency, value pre­servation and a seam­less transition from the con­struction phase to the utili­sation phase.

Facility manage­ment consists of planning phases and opera­tional phases. If both coin­cide, we achieve the maxi­mum possible utili­sation co­efficient.

Facility manage­ment establishes spaces, functions and work­places with high availability across the entire life cycle of a building. If user profiles and manage­ment pro­cesses are already managed in the planning phase, this does more than opti­mise the trans­ition from the planning phase to the utili­sation phase. Ex­perience has shown that this also leads to signi­ficantly more effective manage­ment pro­cesses and lower, optimised costs. The service de­fini­tions are more aligned with re­quire­ments and can be more easily ad­apted to new or deviating de­mands. Fewer re­sources are needed overall. This results in imple­mented value pre­servation.

Over the last de­cades, we have built up a highly effi­cient team. Our know-how opti­mises the found­ations for planning and mana­ges pro­cesses in the con­struction phase.

Our ser­vices are pro­vided along the following line:

  • strategic planning
  • preparatory studies
  • project planning
  • tendering
  • implementation
  • management