BIM 4 FM: Digital con­struction mo­dels as infor­mation sources and re­po­sitories revo­lutionise pro­perty mana­gement

Digital integral mana­gement supports lifecycle mana­gement and pro­motes the best possible return rate for buildings.

„Building Infor­mation Modelling" (BIM) builds up the entire project com­pletely digi­tally long before con­struction work and brings to­gether the various com­po­nents of the building. This com­pletely redefines the planning and con­struction phase and opens up interesting per­spectives over the entire life­cycle of a pro­perty.

In order to extend the bene­fits of „Building Information Modelling“ to the entire life­cycle, in parti­cular to the opera­tion phase, clear ob­jectives and struc­tures must be formu­lated in advance. We support you in the needs formu­lation of your infor­mation require­ments on the part of the owner (IAG) and the operation manage­ment (IAB) and assist you in an advisory capacity through­out all service phases.