As a modern engineering company, we offer exciting working conditions

We are an owner-managed com­pany. We stand behind the quality of our work and demon­strate a high degree of re­sponsi­bility towards our em­ployees.

A team of specialists

We con­sider ourselves a team of specialists that de­livers technical ex­cellence for our custo­mers. Only if all em­ployees pool their skills can we achieve a satis­factory result. Clearly defined pro­cesses and a well-structured quality mana­ge­ment system ensure a con­vincing con­sistency of the solu­tions pro­vided.

Creative leeway and self-determined work

We expect a lot from our em­ployees. In return, we are pre­pared to create the ideal en­viron­ment for such ser­vices. This in­cludes creative leeway in develop­ment, interesting pro­fessional deve­lopment opportunities and self-determined work in an ultra-modern working environ­ment.

A high degree of responsibility

As an owner-managed com­pany, we believe in the su­stainable deve­lop­ment of the com­pany and its employees. By pursuing long-term strategies, we clearly set our­selves apart from a share­holder mentality. The members of our mana­ge­ment team con­tribute share capital and become partners with long-term sustain­ability in mind. The rolling re­newal pro­cess ensures con­tinuous and sustain­able succession. This philo­sophy guarantees that the owners and members of the mana­ge­ment team per­sonally back the ser­vices provided and assume full respon­sibility for the em­ployees and the work performed.

  • “Close colla­boration with the various engineering dis­ciplines allows me to expand my pro­fessional horizons.”

    Thomas Bisig, BSc in Energy and Environmental Technology (UAS)

  • “Demanding and challenging projects, a great team and lots of variety – this is what I’ve ex­perienced at RMB Engineering AG and RMB Facility Management AG for many years!”

    Franco Lucarelli, Certified Heating Engineer

  • “In my work, I get solid and visible results. Because of our high project standard, I can identify with the facilities.”

    Heinz Rüger, Extended Executive Board

  • “I appreciate RMB as a flexible em­ployer that allows me to con­tribute to complex pro­jects and still have enough time for my family.”

    Conradin Volkmer, Building Services Engineer (BSc) (HVAC)

  • “After my apprentice­ship at RMB, I was offered per­manent employ­ment. I received thorough training and can now apply what I have learned in interesting projects.”

    Nina Schlögl, Building Services Planner (heating)