Planning: We implement sophisticated building services, manage your projects and excel in coordination

Inter­disciplinary teams carry out goal- and requirements-oriented building ser­vices planning accor­ding to the highest techni­cal stand­ards. On request, we manage your pro­ject from start to finish.

Core competencies

State-of-the-art planning infra­structure is stand­ard. It’s the em­ployees who really make the difference. A constant exchange of know­ledge bet­ween the disciplines is part of our cor­porate culture.

As a larger planning com­pany, we main­tain close contact with uni­ver­sities and the deve­lop­ment teams of various leading manu­facturers. Efficient internal pro­cesses in a sound business environ­ment bring about a high standard of planning. We operate in small inter­disciplinary teams.

For large-scale or urgent pro­jects, we pool the re­sources of all our sub­sidiaries.

Fields of application

  • Infrastructural re­engineering of building ser­vices
  • Depart­ment stores and shopping centres
  • Fitness and well­ness facilities
  • Data centres
  • Service industry and commercial pro­perties
  • Hotels and gastro­nomy
  • Hospitals and care facilities
  • Residential con­struction for rental real estate and condo­miniums
  • Special applications in the fields of energy and Minergie
  • Wide-area supply and infra­structure pro­jects
  • Industrial energy applications


As a classic engineering firm, we have over 20 years of accrued net­worked expertise in the follo­wing specialist dis­ciplines:

  • Heating and cooling techno­logy
  • Ventilation and air-conditioning techno­logy
  • Plumbing
  • Energy techno­logy
  • Technical fire pro­tection (smoke and heat ex­traction, sprinklers, etc.)

Construction management and coordination

Intelligent and structured coordina­tion has potential. The approach is to deve­lop clearly defined solu­tions as well as control and cost optimi­sation pro­cesses. Our “Con­struction Manage­ment” depart­ment manages the imple­mentation of con­struction projects in a fiduciary capacity. This includes rigorous schedule con­trol, verification of the techni­cally optimal im­ple­mentation of the systems, and constant budget and cost moni­toring. As your agent who is familiar with every imaginable situation, we re­pre­sent you on the con­struction site and at all con­struction meetings.