Building techno­logy: a complex tech­nical organism that needs to be ma­naged com­petently in each phase of its life cycle

With our many years of ex­perience in en­gineering and facility mana­gement, we are able to optimally main­tain buildings and faci­lities over their entire life cycle.

With our com­bined know-how in en­gineering and facility manage­ment, we manage the entire life cycle of your pro­perty. It begins with concept de­ve­lopment, planning, imple­mentation, in­spection and hand­over of the building.

This is followed by a tight inte­gration of the facility manage­ment instruments: fiduciary manage­ment, main­tenance, an adjust­ment of infra­structure in sync with the technical de­ve­lop­ment, and com­plete re­place­ment if the life cycle of a com­ponent has ended.