Consulting: Take ad­vantage of our know-how in the fields of building ser­vices, fire pro­tection and project-related quality mana­ge­ment

Smart building services planning con­trols the life cycle of a building, re­duces pro­ject costs and opti­mises the entire con­struction pro­cess.


The building technology defines a property’s function. Current develop­ments in energy mana­gement are opening up exciting new possi­bilities. Not only the climate control concept, but the entire building services infra­struc­ture can have a de­cisive impact on the archi­tecture. A modern solution takes into account inter­faces with future inno­vations.

The con­sulting we provide before the start of a project ex­tends the life cycle of the building, opti­mises the entire con­struction process and has a positive impact on overall costs.


The fire safety standards are high, and there is a wide range of technical options. Having imple­mented many pro­jects, we know which solu­tions are viable for inve­stors. Thanks to amicable colla­bora­tion with govern­ment agencies, we can incor­porate them in the planning at an early stage. This enables efficient solutions, both for new deve­lop­ments and for existing buildings. Our service also includes the deve­lop­ment of the required fire control and emer­gency plans.

PQM – project-related quality management

The seam­less inter­action between developer, planners and executors is a pre­re­quisite for precisely coordinated con­struction pro­cesses, the achieve­ment of quality ob­jectives and environ­mentally responsible be­haviour. Selecting suitable partners is just as im­portant as rigorous quality manage­ment.

Internal Q-system

The dual control principle that governs all our work identifies potential in­con­sistencies be­fore they arise. In this way, we ensure con­stant com­pliance with the high quality standards, as well as pro­ject con­sistency.