The best way to face the future is to shape it

Business and technology are subject to constant change. In order for us to use these changes in the best possible way, we have continued to grow and develop in the 20 years since the company was founded. This year, we are pleased to present you a restructured, extended management team. Insofar as marketing is concerned, we have adapted our corporate image to the qualitative level of our services.

The new corporate image

We live in exciting times, not only from a business point of view. Furthermore, we are entering the age of Industry 4.0. The Energy Strategy 2050 has set a clear, modern framework for architecture and building services. In our opinion, technology will become incredibly intelligent. This makes it all the more important for us to remain human. It is precisely these two factors – modern technology and humanity – which we want to implement in our new corporate image. We are pleased with the result, which we developed together with  Metapur AG.