Mission and concept: Engineering based on the latest techno­logy

We plan and realise spaces for people. Our primary objective is to create added value. As inter­dis­ciplinary engineers, we imple­ment the best techni­cal approach in the most sustain­able way within the speci­fied budgetary para­meters. Our core focus is to ensure that customer require­ments are met. Our ex­perience stems from a wide range of success­fully completed pro­jects that underline our ex­pertise.

Fiduciary and partner

We see ourselves as reliable ad­visers and fidu­ciaries for building owners. We are a con­structive partner for archi­tects and building ser­vices en­gineers.

Integrity and a holistic approach

We impartially manage con­struction pro­jects on the basis of the applicable re­gulations and the officially re­cognised standards of the rele­vant pro­fessional bodies. Together with the con­tracting entities, planners and con­tractors, we coordinate and manage all aspects of the building ser­vices, from the initial con­cept and imple­mentation to the guarantee period.

Needs-oriented and su­stainable

We also serve as in­de­pendent con­sultants and fidu­ciaries for spe­cialised work such as ana­lyses, opti­mi­sation tasks, expert reports, and quality assu­rance and fidu­ciary man­dates – always with the clear goal of finding optimal solu­tions that inte­grate the inter­ests of both the custo­mer and the environ­ment.

High quality standards

The quality standards and control pro­ce­dures we deve­loped ensure that pro­cesses are trace­able and mistakes are avoided. An internal ex­change of ex­perience en­sures that the in­di­vidual deve­lop­ment phases are re­corded from various per­spec­tives and that new re­quire­ments can be inte­grated quickly and easily.

Above and beyond

We provide con­sulting on all aspects of building ser­vices en­gineering. In addition, our studies and con­cepts can also ex­tend to the follo­wing topics:

  • Renewable energies
  • Ecology
  • Operating costs, eco­nomic efficiency
  • Conventional and future-oriented techno­logies
  • Energy efficiency
  • Sustain­ability